| 2018 | 08 | 26 | day 7 |

So if you can't already tell, my identical twin is taking part too....

[i don't have a twin]

This was a great great day.

Temp: 16 degrees
Wind: 5mph headwind
Flow: 13.3 m*3/s
Distance: 12.5 miles
Locks covered: Cookham, Boulters, Bray, Boveney, Romney

So we set off from Marlow after a quick shuttle run to Windsor. That's the bit of this process which is going to get tedious, the shuttle runs.

When I say tedious, it's a part of the process, and if it's the only tedious part then I'll take that. I'm okay with it. I'd also like to point out that driving with a K2 on the roof is just ridiculous. but I managed, and I'm very happy with that too.

The focus of this particular session was to try to settle into a pace without necessarily stressing over speed. We're trying to get tidiness and 'togetherness' sorted before we work on anything too mathematical.

I'm honestly so pleased with this run, nothing went wrong, the boat felt like it was moving through the water and best of all? Nakd's Lemon Drizzle bar is the bomb.

Delicious. Nutritious and slightly suspicious.

I still don't like bananas.