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I'm not sure if playing this during a meeting was my best idea. 

However they got the point. The sentiment. the real deal. 

i'm snoozy.
Sometimes I take a sleep aid.

I'm categorically, famously, the worst sleeper I know.

Some nights I'll survive on two hours. Some nights even less. Broken into 5 minute periods of sleep.

I've now cracked not picking up my phone, turning on the TV or distracting away the bored, however. That makes lying in the dark a very boring affair.


I did however, find my GCSE fiction submission which is quite something.

This is old content. Still don't know. 


'Jeanette! Jeanette ... we've got another ... one!'

He was out of breath, embarrassingly so given the proximity of his desk to the kitchen... though that was probably part of the problem. 

'Nigel take a seat you fool. I don't know how on earth you expect me to take anything from that sentence. It's really quite unhelpful.' 

She'd been smoking again, indoors. It had been an undisclosed mystery for them both as to why the smoke detector hadn't been set off - until he'd had a peek underneath the plastic cover and discovered the words 'DEMO - Do not use'. As the one in charge of all things safety related, he'd decided against replacing it, for that would involve a risk assessment for the use of a ladder. Not worth his time. She was just grateful her bad habit could remain within the confines of the building. 

'Right Jeanette.' He took a long pause, slowly raising his hand as if to emphasise the point. This gesture was missed entirely by his co-worker who had turned to acknowledge the freshly boiled kettle. 

'Jeanette if I could just have your full attention please?'

'Look Nigel I'm gasping for a cuppa. It's been at least 56 minutes since my last and you know how I get when it creeps over the hour!' Her voice was terse, a reflection of how she felt she would feel if she still relied on caffeine. It meant nothing that the tea in question was peppermint and she didn't drink it anyway because it was quite frankly disgusting. Beside the point. 

He lowered his hand. The dramatic effect would be achieved based on the merit of his words alone. The woman would listen.

They both mulled in silence (brew time is at least 3 minutes) before she nodded, a clear indication the story could continue.

'Right Jeanette. That's two in the past month. I think we're onto something here.' He grinned, waiting for her exuberant response. 

'Right Nigel. I really have had enough of all this mystery. Two what?' She pretended to take a sip, before grimacing at the taste she could only imagine. And who would want that anyway. 

He stood and clapped (another attempt at drama).

'We have found another obscure-ee!' The word hadn't quite rolled off the tongue in the way he had imagined, but secretly Nigel was quite pleased with how it sounded. Especially when coupled with another clap (for dramatic effect). 

'Well we're hardly going to get someone who could be described as anything different, are we Nigel? When you do insist on calling us 'The Agency of Obscure Skills'. If they were quite useful we'd send them packing.' She wasn't happy. This wasn't news. He was stating the obvious. 

'No, no, no Jeanette. you're completely missing my point. We now have more people on our books than we have ever had at any one time. Or even, ever had. I think it's time we go for it.'