| 2018 | 06 | 18 | monday blue |

I think my favourite fact today was 'ostriches don't bury their heads in the sand.

'Its a ridiculous notion, and one we can disprove. It would make them vulnerable to predators, the elements and be generally uncomfortable'

Then this kicker. Which made me giggle for far too long.

'They also haven't developed the ability to breathe underground'.

See I would've put that first. But that's just me.

This weekend was too much.

I spent the entirety of Saturday sorting out the decking and to be honest, the only difference in these photos is my shoe placement.

It was also Father's day on Sunday. Jerry is my hero. 

 I'm making sufficient progress on this. Deadline is july. In case you were worried that I'm making a giant triangle, it's actually working diagonally across a square.

I'm going to address things today.
With a stamp. No but seriously. There are a lot of topics I'm omitting intentionally for reasons not here listed. It doesn't mean I'm not doing those things, it just means that they're not going to be featured on here.... like pictures of friends (which is why it's now entirely selfies), family events and major life changes. 
Past experience has taught a lot.