| 2018 | 06 | 16 | saturday babble |

so i was telling my coworker about the time i got stuck to a bus and then we both went to break the coffee machine and she's still there and I think I've left it too long to admit I knew it was going to explode (she's cleaning up).

I also think that I shouldn't be in air traffic control given I just unplugged our computers by spinning increasingly quickly in a clockwise direction because i didn't want to engage with my work on screen.

I also bought grapes hoping they were blueberries, despite the packaging and everything suggesting they are grapes and disappointingly they have turned out to be prewine.

I don't like wine.

and milkshake. Nobody is going to drink raw milk but it improves over time. and with the addition of sugar.

I bought oat milk.

And spinach. Damn it I forgot to have that for lunch.


A double wink is a blink. So when you're tryng to wink twice as hard at someone then they just think you're having a muscular spasm.

Ah well.

my first paragraph implies we intentionally broke the coffee machine. We actually just wanted a nice fresh brew before settling in for a solid 12 minutes of work.