| 2018 | 06 | 15 | friday |

I tell people I'm a vegetarian because in actual fact I just don't like most peoples cooking.

- - -

Road trips are not complete without jelly babies. 

We did this to a lot more conkers than probably necessary. 

They're now out in the world giving squirrels ink poisoning. 

Or the elderly a heart attack.

update:: I'm now almost 100% certain the strawberry plants are tomato plants. (tomatoe, tomator, tamata). So... kinda changes my jam plans

- - -

I am regularly reminded of on particular car journey, during which I reversed back off of a junction (almost hitting the car behind) at which point my passenger calmly/fearfully yelled 'NO SOPHIE'. 

Moments later I was taking us through a narrow gap (another car had also decided they wanted to come from the other direction) so I started yelling I AM PUSHING. This is not the correct way to handle your vehicle.

Less yelling more controlled and careful decisions.

- - -

How was my evening off?

I want to go back to the seaside and sing my sea song to the sea horses and throw fish fingers at sea gulls.

 Genuinely such a great day out. 

A bit random. Yes. 

I napped in the car so hard. But between us we had an incredible time.

Where next bover?

- - - 

work:: is super hard at the moment. A co-worker has left us, and all her work, and it's fallen to me. I'm a big girl, I can handle it - I'm just exhausted. 

I will be taking tomorrow evening off training.