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alternate cooking methods

burning on a fire

laser printer

I'm getting my eyebrows done. my mum asked for the price and when i replied she then clarified

'for both?' no no gill. i'm only getting the left done cause I'm wild and live a little bit to the extreme.


I felt intimidated by a gaggle of the elderly this morning to the point I crossed the road.

they were terrifying.

sometimes I like to accessorise with items I consider cultural greats. This DVD is no exception. we don't even own a DVD player.


also my spotify account was hacked last week. I miss them. I felt that we were communicating - my personal favourite was contributing to their listening experience by playing songs from classics such as 'angry birds' and disney remixes which should have never been made. But eventually that had to go because hacking is illegal.

I'm not about that.



'excuse me sir. your child is dressesd as a bumblebee'

I really hope that child dressed themselves. Bees are aspirational.