| 2018 | 06 | 02 | these are the things I cannot see |

I am in love.

With my #notmyboat boat. 

Milo is sort of dead to me but I have the perfect new name for my new new boat. 
Just you wait.

I have been out for dinner a little bit much this week - it's probably not so good for my waistline but gotta love a dinner date between friends. 


This weekend is going to be so much fun.

I want someone who will follow me round ikea and not question my need for things. 

Then we can leave and get some spaghetti. 

sorry I'm kinda naked. I can't do a proper thumbs up.

I am adoinkable. 

check those freckles. They are fabulous. 

I am normally a very positive person. 

I cried at work today.

If one more bad thing happens to the people I love this year, I swear something inside of me might snap.

I don't understand how to channel bad feelings. 


People keep asking me why I have a piece of string tied round my wrist.

Firstly, it was what I used for my lucky wingnut.

Which is now holiday-ing around Portugal.


Have you seriously never heard of a wish-bracelet?

It was something my nan told me.

'close your eyes and make a wish
then tie your bracelet on your wrist
keep your wish close to your heart
and wear it til it comes apart
when finally the cords wear through
your wish releases and comes true!'

I don't believe in wishes, or any of that nonsense. 

But it doesn't hurt to try.

Just in case. 

Also can we please have a moment of silence for the time wasted to sorting out the red, white and yellow cables on the back of the TV?

Like kids these days will never know the struggle.

Bloody HDMI


Today. This continued for a while.

then I confronted Charlie.

and cried. on the floor.


Saving money doesn't have to be hard.

Sleep until midday - that way you only have to eat two meals instead of three.

When you go into a supermarket lick all the fruit. Then they'll be begging you to take it off their hands [this won't work with clothes]


My dad has been away all week. When do I need to tell him we've lost a bin again?

And I overfed the fishes. They need to grow quickly. 

Oh. Pak Choi.