| 2018 | 05 | 28 | i do not like green eggs |

the bumps was yesterday.

It was everything it always has been.

Awful. Amateur.

However I firstly need to cover something about kayaking which I'm not sure you'll be interested in.

This weekend, two of my team walked away from World Cup with two silver medals each (one for the long and short course).

They're juniors.

I genuinely had tears of pride at seeing these kids do so well.

It's quite surreal actually - like I'm aware they're incredible little athletes, and when training on the water they trash me, but when you think that the gap between us is what makes a world class athletes then I don't feel half as bad.

Okay back to the bumps.

To be honest, this is the most refreshing piece of organisation I've seen. Somehow, against all odds this event comes together and everyone has an awesome time.