| 2018 | 05 | 26 | dabble dibble |

Yesterday evening was all fun and a little bit of games.


I still cannot.

3 years on.

How the bloody hell? Speaking of bloody, the events of bloody sunday still haunt me...

route 9. do we remember route 9.

Bird Jesus lived on though.

Helix Fossil forever.


Anyway. Moving on from probably my nerdiest revelation. 

It's the little things at the moment. 

It's the everyday samples of humanity which in reality keep our weird worlds turning. 

It's my neighbour opposite knowing more about my life than I do. 

It's the awkward relationship with the ones next door. Never knowing. 

It's the postman (I need to ask his name) and our daily exchange about the weather. 

I see the same old man walking a different dog three times a day and another walking the same one twice. 

The joke I have with the man in the post office that one day, I will bring him a cocktail. But until then he promises to post my post. 

It's the constant struggle I have internally with feeling like I'm both failing and succeeding in the same breath. Looking at what I've been through, this particular version of events is technically in the 'impossible' section - but looking at what I should be capable of it's hardly enough. That keeps me focused. And daydreaming. 

It's the songs I listen to on my short commute. Which in itself is something I shouldn't take for granted. 

My colleagues.

The ukulele I own which I only ever seem to play three songs on.

This is me. After 5,000 words of essaying and blogging. I promise I'm smiling on the inside. Somewhere deep inside.

Then here's me before going out.

I don't drink.

if you don't see this as a problem. Then we have a problem... understood?