| 2018 | 05 | 25 | summer |

one of my favourite days last year was early august.

I'd woken up with nothing to do that day and gotten it into my head that paddling to henley and back would be a brilliant idea. 

Instead. I took out milo.

smashed him into a concrete wall. It's honestly not my fault I'm useless at portaging. Have you seen my boat?

To clarify, my K1 is called milo. i didn't just target some poor passer by and attempt to give them a brain injury. 

that's not my thing. 

There were 26 miles involved 

I did each and every single one. mainly by myself as my support crew got lost somewhere past temple lock and we didn't reunite for a few hours. It's lucky I'm not prone to getting myself in ridiculous situations isn't it?!

- - -

maybe i'm just used to fire seasons. 

and know all too well how everything disappears when the smoke fades. 



Adulthood is mainly checking your bank account and tutting to yourself for those spontaneous shopping trips 4 years ago. 

Adulthood is avoiding eye contact with your ringing phone. I often stare blankly at the wall.

It's all about scrolling now. Don't bother to actually engage with social media. Just die a little inside. 

Being an adult is learning to function on no sleep and still look like you have your shit together. 

Making promises to yourself you know you'll never keep. Like getting off the internet.