| 2018 | 05 | 23 | artichokes make a delicious dip |

my foot is still quite bad. In fact, I was back on crutches yesterday during a photoshoot. 

I'm also genuinely exhausted from the sheer number of music videos I star in in my head. 

I wanted to take more photos but I wasn't allowed as they're PR shots and the product doesn't exist yet. or does it? I'm not entirely sure. I'll leave that with you. 
The photographer was actually really incredible, he gave me a snickers bar. I was hangry. These two facts are unrelated. 

Anyway, after work I hobbled home and passed out on the sofa, only to be woken by my neighbours arguing. 

 I always feel a bit rude when the sound drifts through the walls, like, I can't help hearing it but I feel like I shouldn't.

Probably true that, but I don't know if they realise we can hear things.

I suppose it's payback for the number of times they've heard me running round the house yelling adele hits a tone sharp for dramatic effect. 

 I wisely didn't paddle and I'm feeling a bit detached from the sport. I think I need a new hobby. 

there's a party and you're not invited::

I wish someone would ask me about my cheerleading days. Any of them. especially the old ones. 

I'm not looking for a husband but a man who knows his fountain pens would actually be the one. 

I took a deep breath today and answered all the messages on my whatsapp and messenger. I felt bad for there being over 25 people being left on read. I'm sorry. 

I have a really nice dress and I'd like somewhere to wear it to - I would ask for suggestions but I'm still booked from the stalker incident and I think it's best we leave that there.


why does everyone say the doors in life are locked? that's a terrifying way to live. every time one door closes another one might not open and then you're stuck outside with no way to get to the dinner you have in the microwave.

so to re-write the quote. 'one door closes.... another door opens i'm gonna slam it back open'

just. think on that.