| 2018 | 05 | 21 | igloos and butterscotch |

Yesterday I was stuck in a car for the majority of the day. It was moderately mind-numbing and gave me time to daydream.

As we drove past one particular spot on the motorway, I was transported back to a previous traffic jam in which I had been pondering something I had published online. I remember getting home and hitting 'revert to draft' on everything. That was the first time I stopped sharing.

I'm not sure that was a bad thing though.


I think I was so foolish to do that. To give complete access to my thoughts, feelings, motivations & reactions from every aspect of my day. To allow a passerby the privilege, something usually earned.

Sometimes I wish I could read minds. But then when you realise that would mean others could see your thoughts it slows down that wish a little.

I do wonder though, if people realised how much they hurt you by 'being oblivious'.

Ignoring messages. 

Purposefully pretending they've forgotten things. 

Making promises they have no intention of keeping just to sound better than they are. 

Acting tough. 


I think social media has made it so much easier to be cruel to those around us. 

I'm guilty of it too. Sometimes I won't read a message because it's difficult to reply to. Sometimes I'll read it and never reply. 

I'll pick some conversations over others, which I think is truly awful.

We paint the picture of ourselves we want to see, rather than seeing the one we actually are.

if this picture hasn't sold tickets at go ape... i don't know what will.