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This weekend was long.

As in.


Also sidenote: this might be my first post of late which actually bears a relationship with the real world.

So back to friday. I wore my third favourite lipstick and wow did it get some kind of interesting responses from the general public. 

That's the after.

The tired, slightly sweaty, grouchy human you see in that photo has tolerated more than her pay should strictly dictate.

Okay so today. 

I dislocated my toe mid kayaking race. 

Which, if you weren't aware. Is a particularly unusual injury for a non contact sport. and an unhelpful one, given I need my toes to steer. 

The below two photos are moments after the start, we were in a nice third place chasing down the two lead crews. 

Positioning wise it was less than ideal. The photos don't quite show how close we were to a solid bank, nor how rough the water was. That probably explains my eyebrow. Sheer focus. 

Em was my absolute hero in getting me back to the finish post injury.

Doesn't mean I'm not angry at myself.


I have been reunited with a certain something called a hairbrush.