| 2018 | 05 | 20 | sunshine lollipop |

Today is race day.

So when you read this I'll actually be in a car heading toward the start line. 

my nerves are definitely threatening to get the better of me.

this is so attractive. yummy yummy. 

Day 5: warm.

This is a throwback to my amazing runs in the south of france. It hit 39 degrees on one of them and I genuinely stopped being able to cool off.  Sadly the foliage offered no real protection from the sun so I had to push on and get home. 

One ice bath later I was ready to rehydrate. Will not make that mistake again. 


The sophie mitchell guide to getting lost.

I love a good 'splore. 

'splorin is different to exploring btw. 

People are very easily confused. I am a level 17 'splorer and qualified coach. I will help you. 

You kind of. 

You have to go looking. But not looking for anything in particular. People are always so preoccupied they forget to look properly. 

Have a really good look.

Don't rush. Don't have an end goal. Just take it in. Maybe move a log. Check out if the tree is okay. Ask a bird where they're going. 

Go left. But not because you planned to.

I love the outside. 

It's very not inside. 

Inside is not good apart from when I need a snuggle and a snooze.