| 2018 | 05 | 18 | i'm a hungry caterpillar |

I'm afraid of the things in my brain
but we can stay here, under the duvet
and laugh. laugh away any of my fears

Feet. they touch feet.
hands they touch hands and bodies intertwined.
I'm lost and afraid but with you by my side

the shawplank redemption
eddie the plank
plank the giant peach


last year.

I'd been demanding to go to the seaside for a while now. In an effort to shut me up, holiday days were booked and plans were planned. It was epic.

'who's  gonna babysit sophie today?'

Straws were drawn. Rock paper scissors was played. Eventually a poor sod was selected and the game was a foot. 

To tire me out, we went via a big place. 

It was so big we legitimately got lost (following my directions). 

But I was busy rearranging the landscape. 

I also can't climb trees. I can get my one foot super high though. 

There was a lot of bench hunting. 


It's always good to have a dad to carry your shoes, things and pebbles. And sticks. 

I found lots. 

On a beach. 

I found pebbles. 

Okay the sole reason for going to the beach was because there's a fish shortage somewhere and I wanted to put some back. 

Cue disgusting defrosted fish fingers and fish cakes being given to the sea gulls.