| 2018 | 05 | 15 | are we nearly there yet |

I'm still working my way through all the past. It's very weird.


I was given sophie distracting activities at work today. 

Apparently I wasn't all that focused. 

sigh. makes a change there then. 

My run this morning was so lovely, and I'm fairly certain I got a tan before 9am.

I had such a chilled out evening after training (which was tough!). 

Welllllll that was after the ID incident. Apparently I don't look old enough, I'm not talking about 25, I'm talking about even 18... that's okay though because we found my sister in sainsbury's and that was that. 

So I can't handle my sugar [she says, eating an entire packet of strawberry laces].

I couldn't believe how warm it was still at midnight. Though. that could have been the pimms.