| 2018 | 05 | 11 | put on my blue suede sheos |

....and you were dancing.

But when I was younger she liked to dance.

So she was dancing and I must've questioned it.

And her reply?

'The thing you need to know in life is men will come and go, friendships develop and family is fragile... the only relationship worth having is the one with yourself.'

and she nodded. not to me. but to herself.


stories are forever yet to be written. I like to hope that mine hasn't begun yet.


I'm very tired.

My body aches from not having a day off in over a week and my soul is fatigued by the plague of whatever the world decides I need to take on in addition to my current routine. I am going to be so wise when I'm 80.

I'm also ready to talk about my dream last night.

It's really important.

I was wearing a pair of joni jeans to work and the flies kept falling down. So not only have I done an extra day of work - it was particularly annoying.

Damn it.


Countdown to new hair begins. I'm super excited.