| 2018 | 05 | 09 | loud noises |

I do also own a blow torch. 

Yes. I own a blow torch. 

A baby one. 

But still. 

Last night I watched a programme called Genderquake - a two part documentary that aims to explore gender identities by essentially putting all the different types in a washing machine.

11 people from 'across the spectrum' in one house.

I studied gender and sexuality at university, and I live with a non-binary asexual sibling - but this show still made me question some of what I believed were astutely informed beliefs.

I think my overall takeaway is the level of threat people feel when exposed to an identity which doesn't necessarily align with their own understanding of the world.

We shouldn't care.


This is a box fish. Technically its a yellow boxfish. 

It's described as being 'aerodynamically unstable.' I think I can relate. 

- - -

Truth trickles. 

I like to meet people at random past the hour.

Set my alarms for then too.



'Put some alcohol in your mouth to blocks the words from coming out'

'Any dog under fifty pounds is a cat and cats are useless'

This man is an inspiration. We should follow his lead. 

'Fish meat is practically a vegetable'