| 2018 | 04 | 25 | meh |

Thomas Edison's last words (purportedly) were 'It' is very beautiful over there'. 


I'm all for giving people hope, but I really hate the idea that we're waiting for something even more than what we have. Why can't the now be good enough? Why can't we be satisfied with that which we already are?

I'm happy. 

Do one. 

- - -


Which of the above would you like to be your happily ever after?

Because you're both going to move forward. 

Parallel lines have so much in common, but the sad thing is they  never truly meet. 

Lines that cross have it worse though. They have the moment, before drifting apart forever. 


Actually life is more a squiggle drawn on a leaf, thrown into the wind and let loose. 

- - -

I've lost my hair brush. 

If you find it. please apologise.

It keeps trying to run away.