| 2018 | 04 | 24 | going back in time to 2016 |

2016. Oh 2016. I genuinely think I could write a book on where mine has taken me, but at the end of it all, I've come out smiling.

I think really though, you become what you want to from situations.

You have to go from strength to strength and only ever draw on the positives.

I wouldn't have ever thought I'd be kayaking the way I currently am. I never anticipated having to go to hospital from flu, nor actually completing the ultra a month later.

I'm going to be expanding this post, because there's so much to write.

Firstly. Have lots to look at.

Every year. It's going to be the same. 

I would say that this year kicked off with a lot of work. It was tough - think really tough, and in reality I was pushed in terms of experience. 

Hospital visit followed by goat farm. 

Of course I tried the food to see what all the fuss was about. 

Then I kissed a llama. 

this is a goat btw. 

This horse ran across the field looking so sassy. It made me cry. 

So. May. This is going to be slightly out of order I guess because I didn't upload these in a clever way. Who knows, I might pull myself together. 

The above photo was from Jerry's big day. In fact, it was amazing. It was a surprise meal which we actually kept secret during which we gave the bald man himself a lot of appreciation for everything he does in the rowing world. Of course I was dressed casual, where everyone was in dresses and heels. It was so touching though. 

Wardrobe strengths. 

I miss my blonde so much, but 2016 is the year it has gone for good. No more can I justify the expense (timewise and financially) and itw as just getting such a hassle to upkeep. 

I reckon it's fair to say that most of my summer was spent within the Thames. Not on, as is traditional with our sport, but swimming around in a futile attempt at covering ground. I'm still not sure where my determination came from, but I did not once give up. In a particularly bad week I probably fell in over 70 times (that was me doing two sessions a day though) and each time I picked myself up and started paddling again.

The best days were when I'd fall in, manage to get back in (not an easy feat) and then just fall straight out again.

The below photo was no fun. 4m from the finish line. I mean it's a great photo.

I feel like i've missed a lot off.

But well done for scrolling