| 2018 | 04 | 21 | because i like this one |

I'm going to apologise in advance - but this is my absolute favourite perfume so this will be a completely positive review. 

I can't remember how I first came across it but I'm now on my 8th year of spraying it all over myself.

can you see me?
top notes: grapefruit, cucumber, magnolia
mid notes: rose, violet, lily of the valley
base notes: woodsy notes, amber, sandalwood

Green, aquatic and ozonic.

It's so fruity and fresh - as 'green apple' would imply. It opens with crisp and edgy top notes including Apple, Cucumber and Grapefruit, middle gives you the more developed sweet scents before the base kicks in with something a bit more sultry. 

Though whilst I'll say it's got a lot of citrus going on, the perfume itself is sufficiently complex to be worn all year round. 

It's loud and bright - which I appreciate isn't something everyone wants from a perfume, but it gets me hyped for the day ahead. 

I will always be happy to receive a DKNY fragrance....

This is not a safe blind buy - it can smell awful on some people.