| 2018 | 04 | 20 | my favourite |

I'm in the space between. So bear with. 


I love perfume. I get that it's not a necessity, it's a luxury and it is not cheap. But when you smell good it gives you a burst of confidence.

The fragrance is clean, fresh and a bit citrusy. It's not a loud scent but I can definitely smell it on myself - not true with every perfume.

On some days you smell it on a lot of people. It's a popular understated scent so I guess that was bound to happen...

ck one isn't a fragrance to get excited over. Light, fresh and fleeting it's quite a copied formula of notes so our noses recognise it immediately. I'd wear it more during the day; though it can be worn underneath something a bit fancier at night to mix things up. 

If you're looking for something clean, fresh and not too fiddly on the nose then I'd strongly recommend.


0700:: woke up again at my favourite time. that's a lie. my favourite time is another number. I woke up in a bit of a tizz, had had an awful dream and couldn't get back to sleep.

0800:: I washed my hair. Still trying to get rid of the hair dye. It will happen. Just FYI this is normally a two hour process given how long my hair takes to dry.

0850:: little bit late for work.

1100:: stuck in meetings til lunch. yay. coffee is my first and only love

1300:: as a group we decided to lunch in the park. cue sunburn and grass stained knees.

1700:: I bounced out cheekily early as I was desparate to hit the Jubilee before I had to work in Claytons. So glad I did.

1830:: todays session was bridge sprints (200m x 3) and then 2 miles of wash hanging. Really tiring.

2000:: work work work. Wasn't too bad and the live band was insane.

2212:: sat and watched the news with Jerry. when I say watched, he slept and I flicked through the channels to find something actually interesting. No luck.