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this is now sophie commenting on sophie of the blog before.

this is too fricking cute. 

Fancy a sneaky treat?

300g dark chocolate (70% or more, make sure it's nice)
300ml double cream
55g unsalted butter
300g milk chocolate (again make sure it's a nice one)
Rock salt
A couple of bowls
A baking tray lined with either tin foil or greaseproof paper
Tooth picks

Now what?
Heat the butter and cream in a bain-marie, stirring until the butter is melted.

Break up your dark chocolate and place in a bowl. Once the cream and butter are warmed through, pour this mixture over the chocolate and stir until you have a smooth consistency.

Leave the mixture in the fridge for 3-4 hours or overnight if you fancy.

Once it's fairly solid, remove from the fridge and prepare the lined trays.

you can see my sister washing her hands in the background there - how cute.
Now comes the messy bit. 
Using a teaspoon, grab a 'ball' and carefully roll it in your hands until it's a good shape. Remember this is going to be the size of the truffle so not too big! Teamwork helps this step go faster!

Place this lot on the lined baking tray and allow to cool again in the fridge. Takes a while!

So these truffle balls need to go back in the fridge to set. This stage takes a little less time, and you can break up the milk chocolate bars whilst you wait!

Once the balls are solid, set up your bain-marie and melt the milk chocolate.

I almost ran off with the bowl and just ate it.
Right, the next stage is the trickiest. As demonstrated by my little sister, using a cocktail stick dip each individual truffle in the melted chocolate and place on the lined trays. You'll need to wiggle them a little to remove the excess or else the chocolate just goes everywhere!

When you've finished, sprinkle a couple of flakes of the salt on each one.

Put them back in the fridge to chill, and voila!

Your very own salted chocolate truffles to eat in one sitting...

If you fancy mixing it up a bit, why not try chilli flakes or orange zest? Go wild!


0700:: I wake up at this time whether I want to or not. Despite having a half day I was still short on time to be at my old house for 10, following a cheeky sunbed session in town. I normally get a few 6 minute sessions early in the year to stave off any hardcore burning. I'm not sure of the science there.

0800:: breakfast is a slice of toast with peanut butter and an apple. I'd made a cup of tea but left it somewhere so that was missing.

0915:: left the house ready for the day ahead. going to be busy.

1000:: check out of the property I had been paying rent on. that's a big old chapter to close.

1030:: head on over to the Jubilee river via big Tesco to find some hair dye remover. End up buying a lot of other bits too totaling £28. Oops.

1100:: paddle for an hour. It was bliss.

1215:: head home in a rush because I realised I was running out on time to get back for work. I only had a half day!

1300:: back in the office. It's hit 22 degrees and boy oh boy can you feel it. I'm slightly burnt from the river too.

1700:: peg it from the office as I have to be in Windsor by 7 and have some freelance work to be doing. fun fun fun.

1837:: leave later than I wanted to and meet M in the town centre. We hadn't booked anywhere so had to wander around and settled on a riverside pub. I offered but didn't have to pay.... We went for Nandos (absolute classic) followed by another pub trip.

20:32: left for home.