| 2018 | 04 | 17 | this is the last piece of new content |

So  my favourite phone note to date:
we're really almost nearly very there
just need to go very slowly very bit.

2 gins. perhaps. 

- - -

Oh no wait...

never again hill
my dad can now retire
too mature
now the lawn
baby sea gulls
sophie eat it all. 

lost my car
ultimately experimentally potentially.
don't be so geographical. 

- - -

okay i was clearly on a roll....

it's not how time it's show time. 

the rivers my friend. thats why i spend so much time with it.

I think. this one was a bit garbled. 

- - -

So let me get one thing straight.

I have resting bitch face, except my face is never resting.

It's  always working.

It will rest when the work is done.

- - -

google hill

google mountains the same hill

mediocre view

*nice view

I've been learning that some people genuinely don't leave work until after I've finished training 

The mystery of the missing hairbrush is ongoing. 

I've all but given up in its pursuit.

There was a car crash so I spent the drive listening to my new audio book. because i'm 85.