| 2018 | 04 | 11 | DO IT. JUST DO IT |

goodbyes are hard. some are the hardest of all. 

goodbye best friend.

- - -

you. punch the god damn sun this week. 

If I could sum up my weekend - sleep deprived and awesome. 

Staying up til 5.30 on a sunday morning is a definite bonus. Or does that still count as saturday night. I had too many shots.

Or not enough.

The detour to Wycombe for chips was a highlight. That's a lot of taxi for just three people. Or was it four. I think there were four.

- - -

I had my monthly lunch with Sparkles - a princess in disguise. I can't even remember what we were talking about but my abs were hurting by the end. Either we were laughing at me. Or my face. Or behaving like 14 year olds and sneaking into other peoples houses at 4am.

Either way.

Life will give you lemons. So laugh. Because nothing takes the edge off like knights on snails.

a question for the ages. 

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