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The book of plank

I'm not sure I'll ever get over that trip to Sipson, but I guess now is as good a time as any.

We weren't even late.

fricking majestic that

Tuesdays are my favourite days of the week.

'why play so hard to get when you're already so hard to want?'
'you look like a before picture'
'you're impossible to underestimate'
'i envy people who haven't met you'
'i have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to you'

- - -

some people are seriously s

- - -

I'm tired of doing things to please other people.

At 25 I kind of thought I'd have a lot more figured out by now, but honestly I don't have a fricking clue half the time.

- - -

this was written about me. for me. 

SOPHIEEEEE - she is here
SOPHIEEEEE - shouting loud
SOPHIEEEEE - running about
SOPHIEEEEE - doing things
SOPHIEEEEE - still here
SOPHIEEEEE - not going anywhere
SOPHIEEEEE - on the chair

Verse 2:

SOPHIEEEEE - breaking stuff
SOPHIEEEEE - eating stuff
SOPHIEEEEE - looking at stuff
SOPHIEEEE - finding things
SOPHIEEEE - in a cupboard
SOPHIEEEEE - forgetting things
SOPHIEEEEE - finding a worm
SOPHIEEEEE - wasn't a worm

SOPHIEEEEE - [Guitar solo]

SOPHIEEEEE - by a rock
SOPHIEEEEE - with some bread
SOPHIEEEEE - saw a bus
SOPHIEEEEE - typing loud
SOPHIEEEEE - eating bolognase
SOPHIEEEEE - trying to spell bolognase
SOPHIEEEEE - dysxeila
SOPHIEEEEE - by a rock again
SOPHIEEEEE - different rock though
SOPHIEEEEE - lost a shoe
SOPHIEEEE - reviewing crisps
SOPHIEEEE - but they're stale
SOPHIEEEE - not bothering to accept the preservation value of inert gases in a sealed container

This song was written by my coworker after a particularly long day. 

We spent far too much time together.

and to clarify, all that happened in that same one day.

- - -

Verb. Sophie [so-fee]
To introduce into a situation, conversation or traditional apple crumble recipe an unexpected element which, against all logic, turns out to be brilliant, hilarious, and concerning simultaneously.

that's my hand. or after training. a chalk covered claw - i was unable to hold a pen
- - -