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so i'm not starting pole dancing again.

For reference, that sweet did not in fact taste like bleach, but lemons. 

Where to find me at a party
so I recently sorted through a load of old clothes, some of which were my 'going out' outfits. ask me this when I've put them on again because I think the answer will change. 

Dream dinner guest
stephen fry. your mum. someone who will do all the washing up. 

My last meal would be
delicious. nutritious. and mainly smarties. 

My go to dish

Worst idea I've ever had
oh don't. don't ask because I'm still making them. 

I got detention for
being a sassy madam at school. 

My 2017 resolutions were
not kept. 

Weirdest gift
gifts aren't weird. they're just misinformed. 

Craziest party
we had dinner.

The hallmark of a good relationship is
there isn't one. 

What I'd like to know about you

finish this sentence
with what?

The working title for my memoir
the slightly disappointing tale of a life that didn't really matter in the grand scheme of things but was still a little amusing

Would you rather
I would. what about you?

I'll never tell my grandchildren
what happened on sunday.

Pet peeves

don't get me started.

Fact about me that surprises people
I'm always listening. 

What I wanted to be when I grew up
a cat

how my parents met
dunno. you ask them

dream holiday
as far away from you as I can be.

the most spontaneous thing i've done

my happy place
my bed

life goal
i don't ask for much.
somewhere to plant my avocado tree.

simple pleasure

worst first date
god you ask a lot of questions

personality type

my greatest strength
dealing with...

I'm looking for
my glasses

never have i ever
seen the sea

i'm actually bad at

what makes me happy
the little things

two truths and a lie
i don't lie.

unusual skills


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what i'm watching
star trek
she's gotta have it
peep show

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