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Is there an age of adulthood where I'm going to stop moving the pile of 'stuff' off my bed - or will I just have to accept it's there and sleep underneath?

I definitely had a moment at work today where I met eyes with a colleague and saw the same level of panic. We don't know what we do or why we're here. but we're doing it anyway.

I kind of wonder if we're all stuck in this cycle of pretending to adult.

- - -

I'm excited

for when the people at the bank can finally look at my account and stop pondering what the hell i'm doing with my life.

I love kayaking very nearly as much as I love proving people wrong. 


- - - 

how many times?

I am back at claytons. for another round of 'how long will sophie stay this time'/ but it's cause i have so much to save up for at the moment. so many things planned and so little time to ensure I've got them covered. 


- - -

Is it illegal to yell at a sloth?

Why when it goes out do you gotta put it in?

Can you survive in the wilderness?

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Monday 10.10.2016

The day after the presidential debate, our lord and saviour Honey G rose from the shadows to cast peace and tranquility across our nation. Pretending to be some form of recruitment agent, David Cameron has found solace in his new role as a reality show rapper. We are all going to be okay.

'In 20 years time at a pub quiz, the question will start 'In what year'

The answer will always be 2016'

Tuesday 11.10.2016

Was I having an amazing morning ? Yes.

Am I still having an amazing day? No.

Connor stayed round last night, and he was in such a funny mood this morning.

I stared at a man straight in the face for an hour and did not absorb a word he said. That would be my boss. During a meeting.

Now I have to go the stuff.

Wednesday 12.10.2016

In an attempt to pull everyone through the beginnings of hump day I spread the love with a song I knew would be guaranteed to make them smile. Success rate 6/7.

My music taste may at times be questionable, but I know a good 'un when I see it.