| 2018 | 04 | 03 | I'm not drunk |

I am a watercolour of the me I used to be, but in being so I am in this world with greater clarity and strength. 

We all claim to have self respect as we sit fuelling self loathing and allowing ourselves to be trodden on by people we call our friends. 

This is why I yell 'fuck it' and throw caution to the wind.

Never forget me screaming at my Garmin

'You're tired?! You are tired. You're bloody tired! Well I'm tired too and you don't see me giving up! Don't you dare!'

- 2016. 

- - -

[text deleted]

- - -

a squirrel cheekily got me on the way to work today by jumping up and down on a branch to drop water on my head. 

pesky nigel.

- - -

Friday was 'come dine with rachel', next saturday it will be 'avoiding poisoning with sophie' and the one after Fi will probably forget and we'll all just. just.