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waking up, warm and sleep confused.

 though somewhat questionably stable. 

different bed,

same place. 

Too many pillows though. 

- - - 

If I fall asleep listening to music, I get the weirdest dreams. 

I don't know if you've ever done it by accident, but maybe not with headphones that could strangle? 

Just a thought...

- - - 

This morning was the perfect paddle. It was cold (cold enough to consider an extra layer), and fresh. The sun was out - making a start on lifting the layer of mist that had formed. 

I did my bit, waking up the various swans snoozing on my way up to the danger sign before turning and completing the 5k course in probably my slowest time ever. 

My hips feel bruised from the unnatural movement I'm trying to make a habit and the muscles in my back are struggling to do their little extra bit. 

I'll get there. It's a slow one. 

Need to remember to start wearing my HR monitor too. That's comfy. 

I paddled backwards today too. 

Who'd have thought. 

I think I'm over my chest infection situation.

- - - 

Look at these pasty white monstrosities. 

See how they reflect the light.