| 2018 | 03 | 28 | digging |

Okay so my tonsils are swollen again and my throat hurts and this honestly reminds me of that Friday before the worst few weeks of my life. 

- - - 

In other, completely unrelated news I'd like to dye my hair. 

 No. I'm not dyeing my hair because my tonsils are swollen. You are. 

- - -


This photo.

I am so pasty and my arms are so small. 


SAME PROBLEM. How could I even pick things up. Seriously. 

there are 5 cats in this photo. See if you can spot them all. And a rabbit. and a small, slightly lost duck.
I don't think I need to re-explain the head torch saga. 

Do we remember the head torch saga ?

Because I sure as hell wish I didn't.


I bet my dad doesn't either. 

post saga.