| 2018 | 03 | 25 | rainy days |

Friday came and went far too quickly. 

Woke up to a message from a 'do not reply' and then another from another 'no no no' contact. They're coming out of the woodworks my friends and it's so important to avoid. In honour of this I consumed 6 digestive biscuits for breakfast before realising that the hairbrush I had borrowed is also now lost. why...

Work was so productive. As in. Spectacularly so. 

Hang on I need to go get breakfast.
And then my paddle today was insane.

this is me conked out on the sofa after. I'm a tired little monkey. 

myself and em jumped in the k2 again and we had a really good run of the river. my only observation is the weather is just dreary and a bit. well. meh.

Afternoon was Dorney.

there's something about that lake which I love.

Being on a scooter got a lot of double takes and we could definitely see the burning range in some older kids who had definitely been told they weren't allowed their scooter.

You gotta wait til you're 25 and in charge of your life again.

Hmm. some of it.

to confirm this isn't a scooter. and I didn't get on it. 

The afternoon was the Boat Race... which for Jerry is a big old deal.

Thing is. I thought I saw him on TV, but it was only when he walked into our house looking like the below when I knew it was him. 

He's an awesome guy. 

I had work that night, which was a shift I was looking forward to because it was Norman Jay AND the dream team were on the bar.

Sadly, the clocks went forward so when I finished at 1, I actually finished at 2. 

Before and after sent to same human. No comment on my awesome earrings. Sigh. 

Getting up to paddle at 9 will hurt my soul. 

In case you were wondering it's 3am and I'm wide awake listening to the spice girls and eating popcorn which whilst it may be questionable in texture is perfection in taste. 

you're welcome.