| 2018 | 03 | 23 | my dad's childhood |

Every year we make a summer pilgrimage to the small town in which my Dad grew up.

The drive takes around an hour. Upon arrival in Houghton, we visit his parents grave in a beautiful little graveyard outside his childhood church. It's honestly lovely, very small, private and steeped in history.

Marie Mitchell, 8th June 1978, aged 50, In loving memory. Donald Walter Mitchell 1st November 1986.

The church is over 900 years old (well parts of it). That's really old.

the little peak hole to see through the pillars, you can't really see much but the idea is good...
Our little group then heads off to the nearby Romsey for lunch.

Very exciting.

Three years ago we stopped at 'la Parisienne', and I had a light crab and avocado salad (of course with fries) followed by a cappuccino. My dad and sister had quite nice looking foods too, but the arrival of a wasp stopped my camera working. We're horrendously terrified.

You'd think our little expedition was over but we then nipped into Romsey World of Water to find a remedy for our green pond. My dad was fully aware that having left it to stagnate for well over a year can't have helped, but was still surprised when they all expressed shock at our lack of action. We are not pond people, people.

I'm going to get a japanese koi called pak choi. Don't ask why.