| 2018 | 03 | 22 | how i take my tea |

Right, I am going to set the story straight. I like my tea, but not just any old which-way.

There needs to be a good balance between sweetness, strength and milk. Depending on my mood I'll either use sweetener or real sugar, but you still need to follow the basic rules.

Firstly, choose a good tea bag. Yorkshire tea, or another strong blend, but a decent english breakfast. Don't muck about people.

Secondly, only add the tea bag to the mug (which by the way, can't be too small). Do not add the milk. Why boil the kettle if you're going to cool the water with the milk? Please don't.

Add the sugar/ sweetener and then the water - stir thoroughly. Allow to steep, let it develop. You wouldn't expect a great work of art to happen spontaneously? These things take time.

Whilst stirring, add the milk. If you leave the teabag in you can rectify any potential mistakes. See the picture above for how I take mine. It's the only way. Remove teabag and serve. Voila!

Tea connoisseurs may not like my method. But I do.