| 2018 | 03 | 17 | coffee |

This isn't my first rodeo folks. Nor will it be my last. In fact, it's probably about midway through my posting career and I couldn't be happier to be here.

I left my last gig because, well, I hit that blogging rut and wasn't happy with what I was writing.

More to the point, I wasn't happy with why I was writing it, so I decided enough was enough and that things had to be mixed up.

So here we are.

Mixing it up.

- - -

My 'first post' used to be deliberated for hours. Written, re-written and re-drafted it would often spend half it's life in the drafts folder, before being shunted out in to the real world for scrutiny.

But now I'm not too worried.


You get what you're given.

Firstly, my toothpaste made me cry today.

Not in a cute way. I ugly cried because my tongue had a cut and now it's stinging like a b and honestly I don't have time for that. 

No one should.

- - -

So we watched an avengers film today. 

I didn't watch the beginning and was very lost around ten minutes in. 

Also when did Samuel L Jackson lose an eye. Is this important?

The green man has anger issues. I'm sensing that's crucial but all I could think about was how therapy would have cut down the damages down throughout the film. 

The green guy fell out the sky. He's okay thought because he's tanked.

Not really feeling the man with the hammer. Needs a haircut.

Oh look. making a mess again.

Morph suits are so outdated.

They do not have good team-working s kills.
Home base definitely doesn't stock hammers with that kind of shine.

Where's mister screwdriver and someone with plant pots!?

Inspector gadget just rocks up and steals the missile.

Why use a bow and arrow? He could've had some wicked gun with super hyped skills but they left him arrowless and a little bit sad.

I'm stressed.

- - -

So I managed to get a papercut which is basically just not stopping. Guess that's a side effect of your blood not clotting.