| 2018 | 03 | 09 | memories |

This is actually another from another person. Go try work that one out.

Like school children we've stolen a number of kisses on street corners, he's someone who thinks he's more than he is and will never be what I need him to be.

Saved in my phone as 'approach with caution'.

My lips were stung from the heat of the chilli and I was still slightly flush from  having the central heating on full blast.

I walked to his car, hidden from the houses round the corner. I'd grabbed my favourite pink coat and was wearing my big boots (which I'm worried will need replacing).

He's a sort of gentleman, as in he at least tries. Everyone loves a trier right?

Our chat was flirty and playful. Twice he pulled me towards him and only once I danced away. What can I say?

'Don't be a stranger'.

I laughed at that. This was the last time.