| 2018 | 03 | 31 | march empties |

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l'oreal Paris | Color riche Eyeshadow Palette Nude Rose | [£14.99, Boots]
Maybelline | The Nudes | [£11.99, Boots]
l'oreal Paris | Super Liner Eyeliner GelMatic Ultra Black | [£5.99, Superdrug]
The Body Shop | Shimmer Cubes | [£15.00, The Body Shop]
The Body Shop | Shimmer Cubes | [£15.00, The Body Shop]
Soap & Glory | For Daily Youth Moisture Lotion | [£12.00, Boots]
Urban Decay | Naked Eye Shadow Palette | [£39.50, Urban Decay]
Bourjois Paris | Color Edition 24hrs Cream to Powder | Petale De Glace [£6.99, Asos]
Maybelline | Eyeshadow Color Tattoo 24hr | Permanent Taupe [£5.99, Boots]
Benefit | Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil | Deep [£20.50, Boots]
Rimmel | Mono Shadow | [£4.99, Boots]
Deciem | Hand Chemistry | 100ml [£19.00, Deciem]
Glasses Direct | Scout, Charley | [£69, Glasses Direct]
Smashbox | Full exposure Mascara Waterproof | 8ml [£20.00, Boots] - mine was travel size
Eyeko | Black Magic Mascara | [£19.00, Eyeko]
The Body Shop | Fresh Nude Foundation | 30ml [£16.00, The Body Shop]
La Riche | Directions Semi-permanent | Pastel Pink [£6.78, Amazon]
Fudge | Cool Mint Purify | 1 litre [£21.95, Look Fantastic]
Nivea | Invisible Black & White | 250ml [£3.29, Superdrug]
Radox | Feel Gorgeous Shower Gel | 250ml [£1.00, Sainsburys]
Palmers | Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion | [£1.99, Boots]


£10 a day on stuff.

Just stuff.


| 2018 | 03 | 30 | running |

screw you nigel. you bloody duck.

- - -

To contextualise this video - we were filming for work and I at the time I couldn't paddle backwards so overshot a little bit.....

- - -

It was raining so hard, my legs were heavy and my heart wasn’t in it. We’d been slogging away at the pavement for just under two hours and the fun had been left by the side of the road some five miles back. I started slowing up, eventually grinding to a halt. Lee looked back at me, frowning slightly.

‘I’m done Lee. I can’t do it anymore’

‘Can you still move your legs?’ To which I replied – of course.

‘Well run then.’ And he took off, leaving me to chase him.
It’s as simple as that. You aren’t done until you’re done, and you’re only done when you can’t question it anymore.

except for when it's been 32 miles and you forgot your snacks. 


This isn’t going to be a post about whether you should have turned up in the first place because that’s a book in itself, but if you are at a session, you’d better bring the right mental attitude.

Everyone has bad days, everyone has sessions they want to walk away from – that’s a normal part of life. Looking around the room during circuits I can imagine at any one time someone is thinking about what they would rather be doing. But you have to make the decision to not let that thought fester, not let it grow into a tangible idea and not follow through.

Even when the lactic acid in your legs makes you throw up, you've gotta drag yourself back in the room and crack on. 

Giving up/ quitting
To give up in itself implies active participation in the act of walking away. You set off towards a goal but steer yourself away before you even realise if it’s possible or not.

The more you quit the easier it gets. If you turn up to a gym session knowing you walked away the last time, then you can allow yourself to do it again. Repetitive action leads to habits, and we all know how hard habits are to break.

Giving up saves you from having to try, having to push yourself through discomfort and still potentially fail. It saves you from the unpleasantness of feeling humiliated when you can’t do something. It takes mental discipline to become someone who can carry on, regardless of the pain and complete the task. Stopping short of the finish line is just training yourself to stop when the going gets tough – and not every win will be easy. Don’t just tell yourself you can do it, prove it.
I don’t really respect people who give up.

Sure I’ll train with them, but it’s not a mental attitude I want to pick up or develop.

Failing, however.
Failing hurts mentally. It’s tough because you tried and couldn’t do it. It’s tough because you have pushed yourself to the very edge of tolerance and have nothing to show for it.

Failure is setting down the path in search of a goal – fully committed. It’s then realising that for once, it could just be beyond you.

Failures can often be a watershed moment in your life, day or training plan. A defining moment because it catches you by surprise.

The more you fail, the harder it gets. You can only fail if you try, so in a way its learning you aren’t as good as you thought you were.

Failing is the act of trying first and not succeeding, giving up is not even trying in the first place.
I felt the effects of failure in June 2015. I’d reached mile 35 of a 69 mile ultra, and was on top form. It only took 1 mile for things to turn nasty and after 4 I was left sitting on the side of the road with a dislocated foot and sprained tendon. That’s failure. It hurts. It still hurts.

You have to decide that you will never give up. No matter what. Normally it’s a case of getting your head down and realising it’s not as bad as you thought. Sometimes it sucks being handicap 20 and never getting a rest between sets. Sometimes it's boring always leading never chasing. Sometimes you just want to put your paddles down and float home. 

Quitters don’t have what it takes.

Successful people climbed a rickety, uneven, slippery, unpredictable ladder to success. It was never a sure thing, there was a lot of luck and many happy accidents, but they kept climbing.

Of course they brought a fair amount of skill, talent, hard work and persistence to the table. They will have also had mentors, guides, parents, luck, karma and random events that helped out at every step along the way.

But most importantly: they didn’t give up.


| 2018 | 03 | 29 | postits and paperclips |

To clarify.

Dad hasn't seen guardians of the galaxy, but he is adament he's seen the below.

gardens of the galaxy
guardians of the gallery
guardians of the gardens
garden of the guardians
galaxy quest

captain america - he was very american.

location location location

and spiderman (though his plot summary is accidentally very racist).

Look at my hair. 

Oh dear.


I am so ready to go and live on the thames for the next 4 months and actually be able to comfortably keep my K1 the right way up. 

This weekend was long and tiring. 

It was pretty awesome to be honest.

- izombie
- episodes
- there's actually loads right now but my screen is frozen so I'll just write filler words and hope you found them interesting to read



| 2018 | 03 | 28 | digging |

Okay so my tonsils are swollen again and my throat hurts and this honestly reminds me of that Friday before the worst few weeks of my life. 

- - - 

In other, completely unrelated news I'd like to dye my hair. 

 No. I'm not dyeing my hair because my tonsils are swollen. You are. 

- - -


This photo.

I am so pasty and my arms are so small. 


SAME PROBLEM. How could I even pick things up. Seriously. 

there are 5 cats in this photo. See if you can spot them all. And a rabbit. and a small, slightly lost duck.
I don't think I need to re-explain the head torch saga. 

Do we remember the head torch saga ?

Because I sure as hell wish I didn't.


I bet my dad doesn't either. 

post saga.


| 2018 | 03 | 27 | lists |

I made this list in 2015 and at the time I thought it was long and couldn't get much worse.

Wow. Boy oh boy was I naive.

1. Today, I had a plate of lasagne. Somehow, as I was attempting to put it on the table, I completely missed and dropped it on the floor. If you had seen it happen, it would just have looked like I got close to the table then let go of my food. In my mind my spatial awareness was spot on...

2. I punched a man on the train (it's in one of my old posts). It didn't end well.

3. I tripped an old lady up on crutches. She laughed it off. We made friends.

4. I ran headfirst into another runner and we both fell into a puddle (that's also an old post in case you wanted to find out more).

5. I've pushed more than 5 people into the Thames. Separately.

6. I used to just run straight into my door (aged 6). I would just run into it... I'm not sure if that counts as being clumsy or just ... actually there isn't an explanation.

7. Over the course of one day I spilt 9 pint glasses of water. 4 of them ended up on me. By the end of it I'd given up and looked like I'd been for a swim.

8. Okay. I was the one who dropped the cat in the bath. I think you had to be see it to  believe it.

9. I was working as a waitress at an art exhibition. Someone asked when the balcony was, so I pointed to the left - completely oblivious to the crate of champagne glasses I was carrying. So they then ended up on the floor. Yay.

10. On that note, at the same event I threw some tomato nibbles at a nice lady's dress. It looked like silk. I hope it wasn't.

11. I once punched myself in the face. Sufficiently hard enough to bruise.

12. Slammed a car door on my dads head.

13. I fell in the Thames.

14. I spent ages making a poster for a piece of coursework. To celebrate being done I tore up my notes. Turns out I tore up my poster.


| 2018 | 03 | 26 | musing |

today is a monday. it's an opportunity to shake off the mistakes of the previous seven days and start over.

love a start over.

i used to get anxious when things were going too well. I am scared of good things because there's always something bad coming my way . I also don't enjoy having a better time than others. I find that hard.

However, today, as we sat eating lunch on a bench overlooking the valley, I was genuinely content. I'd left my phone god knows where and was just absorbing some pigeon yelling at its friends. My gifted sandwich fell apart and left a tomato stain on my jeans - joining the sharpie lines and a smudge of tippex. I'm a mess. We laughed.

I have no make up on, besides my eye-brows and the small amount of bb cream concealing last weeks outbreak of blemishes - and that's okay. Blemishes are actually part of life, and I'm on a long term mission to be totally okay with them. It's not going well. Oh and I haven't properly brushed my hair since friday. It does what it likes. Independent.

Over the course of an hour, six people walked past. We all shared a brief exchange - these people have been joining me on my lunch break for just over two years .. we're all locked into our routines and it was funny to have a new witness.

I'm going to miss this.


| 2018 | 03 | 25 | rainy days |

Friday came and went far too quickly. 

Woke up to a message from a 'do not reply' and then another from another 'no no no' contact. They're coming out of the woodworks my friends and it's so important to avoid. In honour of this I consumed 6 digestive biscuits for breakfast before realising that the hairbrush I had borrowed is also now lost. why...

Work was so productive. As in. Spectacularly so. 

Hang on I need to go get breakfast.
And then my paddle today was insane.

this is me conked out on the sofa after. I'm a tired little monkey. 

myself and em jumped in the k2 again and we had a really good run of the river. my only observation is the weather is just dreary and a bit. well. meh.

Afternoon was Dorney.

there's something about that lake which I love.

Being on a scooter got a lot of double takes and we could definitely see the burning range in some older kids who had definitely been told they weren't allowed their scooter.

You gotta wait til you're 25 and in charge of your life again.

Hmm. some of it.

to confirm this isn't a scooter. and I didn't get on it. 

The afternoon was the Boat Race... which for Jerry is a big old deal.

Thing is. I thought I saw him on TV, but it was only when he walked into our house looking like the below when I knew it was him. 

He's an awesome guy. 

I had work that night, which was a shift I was looking forward to because it was Norman Jay AND the dream team were on the bar.

Sadly, the clocks went forward so when I finished at 1, I actually finished at 2. 

Before and after sent to same human. No comment on my awesome earrings. Sigh. 

Getting up to paddle at 9 will hurt my soul. 

In case you were wondering it's 3am and I'm wide awake listening to the spice girls and eating popcorn which whilst it may be questionable in texture is perfection in taste. 

you're welcome. 


| 2018 | 03 | 24 | a beginning |

We're all going through some kind of crisis, most of the time, all of the time, some of the time. 

Small or large, sometimes it's just about which shoes to wear, but other times it's on a much bigger scale.... 

Sometimes it's surrounding one of the biggest decisions you've made that year. 

Sometimes someone else doubting you makes you doubt them and then you just end up in a cycle of uncertainty and despondence. 

Well shit. 

- - -

I'm starting again guys.

For the past 5 months, my blog has been a source of upset, stress, disappointment... the list goes on. I know that every blogger at some point will hit a day they don't want their personal journal out there. Sometimes it can be fun. Some days I want to tell you all what I've been up to. Some days I can't get the tone right and end up starting arguments that should never have happened at all.


Other days I want to rip apart every record of anything that ever happened.

But I've always enjoyed having this outlet.

I'm doing a complete refresh.

Welcome to 'sophiedidwhat 2.0', the updated, exciting and better version. You can't trawl my 5 years of archives because they've gone. You can't look back at what I did last year, because as far as my blog is concerned, I didn't do anything.


Do you remember when I posted a 'hi I'm sophie this is totally cringey' post? Well fear not, no repeats, but here is a selfie I took over the weekend. Just for reference. That's my face.

We had a super stressful few weeks at work. It was genuine hell. But we made it out the other side. 


I stole this from a friend. I'd link her insta but I'm lazy. Repost. 

I don't know if any of you existed when I used to sell crocheted things.

I've since lost a lot of skill and speed so I'm starting small and making my mum something that I shouldn't get wrong.

Speaking of, I took a speedy trip up north to see the woman a 500 mile round trip that reminded me once again how much I love that bit of the country.

Here she is, on an adventure. 


| 2018 | 03 | 23 | my dad's childhood |

Every year we make a summer pilgrimage to the small town in which my Dad grew up.

The drive takes around an hour. Upon arrival in Houghton, we visit his parents grave in a beautiful little graveyard outside his childhood church. It's honestly lovely, very small, private and steeped in history.

Marie Mitchell, 8th June 1978, aged 50, In loving memory. Donald Walter Mitchell 1st November 1986.

The church is over 900 years old (well parts of it). That's really old.

the little peak hole to see through the pillars, you can't really see much but the idea is good...
Our little group then heads off to the nearby Romsey for lunch.

Very exciting.

Three years ago we stopped at 'la Parisienne', and I had a light crab and avocado salad (of course with fries) followed by a cappuccino. My dad and sister had quite nice looking foods too, but the arrival of a wasp stopped my camera working. We're horrendously terrified.

You'd think our little expedition was over but we then nipped into Romsey World of Water to find a remedy for our green pond. My dad was fully aware that having left it to stagnate for well over a year can't have helped, but was still surprised when they all expressed shock at our lack of action. We are not pond people, people.

I'm going to get a japanese koi called pak choi. Don't ask why.


| 2018 | 03 | 22 | how i take my tea |

Right, I am going to set the story straight. I like my tea, but not just any old which-way.

There needs to be a good balance between sweetness, strength and milk. Depending on my mood I'll either use sweetener or real sugar, but you still need to follow the basic rules.

Firstly, choose a good tea bag. Yorkshire tea, or another strong blend, but a decent english breakfast. Don't muck about people.

Secondly, only add the tea bag to the mug (which by the way, can't be too small). Do not add the milk. Why boil the kettle if you're going to cool the water with the milk? Please don't.

Add the sugar/ sweetener and then the water - stir thoroughly. Allow to steep, let it develop. You wouldn't expect a great work of art to happen spontaneously? These things take time.

Whilst stirring, add the milk. If you leave the teabag in you can rectify any potential mistakes. See the picture above for how I take mine. It's the only way. Remove teabag and serve. Voila!

Tea connoisseurs may not like my method. But I do. 


| 2018 | 03 | 20 | tuesday | colours |

'Battery low'

Oh god please no, I muttered to myself as I departed the train, frantically sifting through my bag in the hope I had my back up headphones. 

Sighing, I moved through to the main part of London Paddington, looking for a shop that might sell something that would serve as a replacement. A fruitless browse of Smiths later I was seriously considering walking for an hour across London - all to avoid being on the tube.

You've never had to do this have you? Travel on the underground when every sound creates a wall of colour that you end up dazed, disoriented and tired? I checked my route, counted the stops and prepared myself for the visual onslaught. 6 if I could handle it, 4 my minimum. 

I kept my headphones in my ears to block out the worst, but otherwise was left to the mercy of my colours. 

I descended the steps, took a left and then a right before standing on the platform. Already I was struggling - a train pulled up and I could barely see to check if it was the correct one.

I get on the train, the couple to my left are having a heated debate (purple) and as we pick up speed the brakes are making an offensive orange sound. Brilliant. I close my eyes to focus, only paying attention to the number of stops. 

By the time we arrive at Sloan Square, I'm committed to following the woman in front of me in the hopes she'll lead me to fresh air. 

Otherwise I'm gonna be going round and round a while. 

Thankfully, I'm at the barriers not long after and able to walk down the road away from the hustle and bustle - giving myself time to collect myself before asking to be picked up. 

Yay. Go me. 


Sensory overload can be exhausting. You'll need to hold my hand if we're somewhere new and it's busy. If sounds are unpredictable or I'm having to concentrate, it's hard to then cancel out any visual disturbances. 

I'm amused that a fire alarm could reduce my vision sufficiently so that I can't get out. 

My night vision can be awful, in the dark the colours are even more prominent. 


I find it really hard sometimes when I experience a situation, film or album and people can't relate with what I've seen. 

I imagine it affects how I perceive people - I'm going to be more drawn to someone whose voice I find 'pretty' versus a really yellow one. Go figure. 

If I'm ill or in a heightened emotional state, my colours can shift. 


Lesson learnt. Always carry spare headphones. 


| 2018 | 03 | 18 | law |

Quite often we go through our lives blaming sod. In fact I blame sod all the time. There can't have been a bad situation where the guy hasn't featured - at least someone will utter those words and then all of a sudden the pressure is lifted. 'Hey, it wasn't our fault, it was going to happen anyway!' I hate to break it to everyone, but it's not a law. It's life. 

Murphy's law - known to many as sods law - is the belief or perhaps the rule that 'if anything can go wrong, it will'.

Of course, I think here that Murphy is given far too much credit. He merely put a name to the common assumption to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, and that the worst always happens to those who least need it. Because if you're flying high you'll hardly notice a little bad thing. But if your day is going horrendously, breaking your teacup will push you right over the edge.

Many turns of phrase we use are often an adaptation on this central law.

'if it seems too good to be true, it probably is'
'if you're running late, the bus will be too'
'things get worse under pressure'
'you will always find something in the last place you look' (that's just common sense gosh damn it.)
'the other line always moves faster

And so on.

Just think of a bad situation and exaggerate, find a witty friend and bask in your cleverness.

I think really, Murphy's law highlights that quite often in complicated situations there are very few outcomes that are desired, and the rest (the majority) have undesirable consequences. It's just a case of probability.

Next time something good happens, I bet you won't thank Murphy for getting it wrong.

technically laws can't be created by one individual and declared as fact. especially one that is just a mere speculation on the order of things.

Secondly, we have no proof whatsoever it was coined by a chap called murphy, as many different names are associated with the phrase, or something similar.


| 2018 | 03 | 17 | coffee |

This isn't my first rodeo folks. Nor will it be my last. In fact, it's probably about midway through my posting career and I couldn't be happier to be here.

I left my last gig because, well, I hit that blogging rut and wasn't happy with what I was writing.

More to the point, I wasn't happy with why I was writing it, so I decided enough was enough and that things had to be mixed up.

So here we are.

Mixing it up.

- - -

My 'first post' used to be deliberated for hours. Written, re-written and re-drafted it would often spend half it's life in the drafts folder, before being shunted out in to the real world for scrutiny.

But now I'm not too worried.


You get what you're given.

Firstly, my toothpaste made me cry today.

Not in a cute way. I ugly cried because my tongue had a cut and now it's stinging like a b and honestly I don't have time for that. 

No one should.

- - -

So we watched an avengers film today. 

I didn't watch the beginning and was very lost around ten minutes in. 

Also when did Samuel L Jackson lose an eye. Is this important?

The green man has anger issues. I'm sensing that's crucial but all I could think about was how therapy would have cut down the damages down throughout the film. 

The green guy fell out the sky. He's okay thought because he's tanked.

Not really feeling the man with the hammer. Needs a haircut.

Oh look. making a mess again.

Morph suits are so outdated.

They do not have good team-working s kills.
Home base definitely doesn't stock hammers with that kind of shine.

Where's mister screwdriver and someone with plant pots!?

Inspector gadget just rocks up and steals the missile.

Why use a bow and arrow? He could've had some wicked gun with super hyped skills but they left him arrowless and a little bit sad.

I'm stressed.

- - -

So I managed to get a papercut which is basically just not stopping. Guess that's a side effect of your blood not clotting. 


| 2018 | 03 | 12 | monday | first day at school |

| skirt | boohoo | £18 |
| top | H&M | £12.99 |
| superga | £50.00 |

| eyebrows | benefit | goof proof brow pencil | £20.50 |
| foundation | the body shop | fresh nude foudnation | £16.00 |

Today was my first day back at work after the absolute write off of a month.

I can honestly say looking back, I have never been that ill before and it's not something I want to experience again.

So far, have consumed an indescribably large amount of lemon drizzle cake and I will be going back for more.

Yoga was a little bit of a struggle - thankfully they build in a nap break at the end for those of you who have reached the physical limit.

Hands in the air.

Also. I'm loving being slightly blorange-ified.

It's a look.

A strong 7.32.


| 2018 | 03 | 09 | memories |

This is actually another from another person. Go try work that one out.

Like school children we've stolen a number of kisses on street corners, he's someone who thinks he's more than he is and will never be what I need him to be.

Saved in my phone as 'approach with caution'.

My lips were stung from the heat of the chilli and I was still slightly flush from  having the central heating on full blast.

I walked to his car, hidden from the houses round the corner. I'd grabbed my favourite pink coat and was wearing my big boots (which I'm worried will need replacing).

He's a sort of gentleman, as in he at least tries. Everyone loves a trier right?

Our chat was flirty and playful. Twice he pulled me towards him and only once I danced away. What can I say?

'Don't be a stranger'.

I laughed at that. This was the last time.