| 2018 | 02 | 28 | perfume |

Another perfume review - today it's my empty Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'. 

I bought this is in Newcastle, it was an impulse purchase after a long day at uni. 

I had wanted something slightly more mature than my usual favourites, and for some reason felt floral was the way to go. 

Marketed as 'happy and youthful', it's a kind of playful, but simple scent. 

Top notes: strawberry, violet leaves
Heart notes: violet petals, jasmin bouquet
Base notes: musk, vanilla infusion

A fruity floral mixture.

The bottle is a bit annoying - to be quite honest. The lid is bulky - whilst it looks nice from a distance, I'm really not a fan of these over the top embellishments. In the end I kept the lid in a separate drawer.

Feminine and easy to wear, it's not a 'wow' experience, but a pleasant one. It nails the 'everyday' category and gives you a nice fresh scent.

I get a lot of compliments when I wear Daisy. Longevity wise I would say average - 5 hours at most, but to be honest not many last that much longer.

I would recommend this if you're uncertain which direction to go - it's easy to wear and non-offensive on the nose.