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Today was officially the longest day of my life. I was under rested, over fed and ever so slightly caffeinated. 

Most importantly I cooked and consumed breakfast nugs before the hour of , a totally great way to fuel the morning. 

the hard work was interrupted by a delivery of a seriously solid toy car. 

I am impressed Mercedes. 

To show my boss how serious I was about the situation I displayed some top notch parallel parking. In on the first attempt. 

It was also the day of the office christmas party.

I failed at secret santa. By writing my name in the card. 

I mean I tried, but ultimately failed. 

A very good question. Still yet to answer it. 

my secret santa done good. Look at that delicious selection. 


One Day.

Rarely are books so devoid of grey areas, but One Day is such a big dose of marmite you will either love it or you will hate it. And I bloody hate that book. Because it's so good. It is the only book that has ever made me cry and I read 'Before I Die' when I was feeling emotionally weak.

If you're going to be a literature critic, forget it. But if you can appreciate the subtle nuances of what he's trying to portray then please, pick it up. Savour it. Read it slowly and carefully (I made that mistake the first time and missed out on so much). Be prepared. That bit gets me every time.


Oh by the way...that elephants do not in fact weigh 62.5 tonnes each. I won't forget that typo.