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the size of these photos is ridiculously small. 


just wow. 


Oh man. This week. This week was tiring. I feel like I haven't stopped working out, doing things and generally making a mess. This blog post is essentially a list of pictures and words to explain them. Sorry.

Went kayaking, fell in more than once. I'm so glad to have gotten that out of the way. The time trial the next day was far less daunting and I was fairly happy with my time. 

Wednesday. I took a short bus ride to teach essentially my cousin to ride a bike. Well, she knows how to do it, but it's more a confidence thing - actually getting out there and doing it. That evening we went to watch the second Inbetweeners film. My main man mike drove us there. I think we got lost.

Thursday. Now. What a day. I was picking up the keys for my flat next year. Oh, the flat which just so happens to be in newcastle. Physically possible to travel there and back in a day. Mentally draining. I think I went mad in Sheffield.

That evening I received a plea to help make a 'watermelon' cake. Never one to turn down such an exciting offer, I obliged. If only I had known that it would keep me up til a ridiculous time in the morning given the number of steps involved. Does it look great :). 

Friday was interesting. I helped dogsit 10 dogs (I think). They're such funny little things. A lot of legs and ears and teeth. Then I hit the gym. Why not.

Last night we were at a friends for 'boozy tapas'. Boozy yes. I'm such a horrific lightweight, two ciders takes me from tipsy to chatty, so I was fairly unnecessary. That morning I'd been for another kayaking session in a slightly more tippy boat. Absolutely-bloody-terrifying. 

That's okay though, because afterwards we took this little chap for a run around the woods. He had a lot of fun. I need to work on my bike skillz. 

Things packed I did not need for my holiday:
- A woolly hat
- Coriander
- a charger. I'm not sure what it's meant to be charging, but it currently is not.
- two DVD's. I won't bore you with my film choices. 

I was drunk when packing, it was great. It concerns me however, that I don't really remember getting home - only that I was there. [solved my mystery by looking at Whatsapp. What a service].


I'm grateful and thankful and enjoying all the above.

There's a notification on my phone that goes off daily - 'remember the box'.

I definitely forgot the box.