| 2018 | 02 | 28 | february empties |

Dolce & Gabbana | the one | eau de parfum | 50ml [£63, Superdrug]
Acuvue | 1 Day Astigmatism | 1 month supply [£43.00, Boots]
The Body Shop | Body Butter | 200ml | [£15.00, The Body Shop]
Wideye | lip balm | [£3.95, Wideye]
Nivea | Invisible Black & White Clear 48hr Anti-perspirant deodorant spray | 250ml [£2.50, Boots]
L'oreal | Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette | 10g [£9.99, Superdrug]
Deciem | Hylamide Booster Low-Molecular HA | 30ml [£18.00, Deciem]
Bourjois | La Laque Gel Nail Polish | 10ml [£6.99, Boots]
Johnsons | Baby Shampoo | 300ml [£1.59, Boots]
La Roche-Posay | Serozinc Face Toner Mist | 150ml [£10.00, Boots]
Lush | Breath of God Perfum | 30ml [£25.00, Lush]
Pro Brushes | The Marble Face & Body Brush Set | [£20.00, Asos]
Rimmel | Professional Eyebrow Pencil | [£3.29, Superdrug
John Frieda | Sheer Blonde Oil Elixir | 100ml [£9.99, Boots]
Queen Helene | Mint Julep Masque | 227g [£4.29, Amazon]
Pureology | Hydrate Colour Care Conditioner | 250ml [£16.10, Look Fantastic]

Total: £252.69

| 2018 | 02 | 28 | perfume |

Another perfume review - today it's my empty Marc Jacobs 'Daisy'. 

I bought this is in Newcastle, it was an impulse purchase after a long day at uni. 

I had wanted something slightly more mature than my usual favourites, and for some reason felt floral was the way to go. 

Marketed as 'happy and youthful', it's a kind of playful, but simple scent. 

Top notes: strawberry, violet leaves
Heart notes: violet petals, jasmin bouquet
Base notes: musk, vanilla infusion

A fruity floral mixture.

The bottle is a bit annoying - to be quite honest. The lid is bulky - whilst it looks nice from a distance, I'm really not a fan of these over the top embellishments. In the end I kept the lid in a separate drawer.

Feminine and easy to wear, it's not a 'wow' experience, but a pleasant one. It nails the 'everyday' category and gives you a nice fresh scent.

I get a lot of compliments when I wear Daisy. Longevity wise I would say average - 5 hours at most, but to be honest not many last that much longer.

I would recommend this if you're uncertain which direction to go - it's easy to wear and non-offensive on the nose.


| 2018 | 02 | 27 | christmas 2016 |

Today was officially the longest day of my life. I was under rested, over fed and ever so slightly caffeinated. 

Most importantly I cooked and consumed breakfast nugs before the hour of , a totally great way to fuel the morning. 

the hard work was interrupted by a delivery of a seriously solid toy car. 

I am impressed Mercedes. 

To show my boss how serious I was about the situation I displayed some top notch parallel parking. In on the first attempt. 

It was also the day of the office christmas party.

I failed at secret santa. By writing my name in the card. 

I mean I tried, but ultimately failed. 

A very good question. Still yet to answer it. 

my secret santa done good. Look at that delicious selection. 


One Day.

Rarely are books so devoid of grey areas, but One Day is such a big dose of marmite you will either love it or you will hate it. And I bloody hate that book. Because it's so good. It is the only book that has ever made me cry and I read 'Before I Die' when I was feeling emotionally weak.

If you're going to be a literature critic, forget it. But if you can appreciate the subtle nuances of what he's trying to portray then please, pick it up. Savour it. Read it slowly and carefully (I made that mistake the first time and missed out on so much). Be prepared. That bit gets me every time.


Oh by the way...that elephants do not in fact weigh 62.5 tonnes each. I won't forget that typo. 


| 2018 | 02 | 03 | throwing back. weekly wind-down 30 |


the size of these photos is ridiculously small. 


just wow. 


Oh man. This week. This week was tiring. I feel like I haven't stopped working out, doing things and generally making a mess. This blog post is essentially a list of pictures and words to explain them. Sorry.

Went kayaking, fell in more than once. I'm so glad to have gotten that out of the way. The time trial the next day was far less daunting and I was fairly happy with my time. 

Wednesday. I took a short bus ride to teach essentially my cousin to ride a bike. Well, she knows how to do it, but it's more a confidence thing - actually getting out there and doing it. That evening we went to watch the second Inbetweeners film. My main man mike drove us there. I think we got lost.

Thursday. Now. What a day. I was picking up the keys for my flat next year. Oh, the flat which just so happens to be in newcastle. Physically possible to travel there and back in a day. Mentally draining. I think I went mad in Sheffield.

That evening I received a plea to help make a 'watermelon' cake. Never one to turn down such an exciting offer, I obliged. If only I had known that it would keep me up til a ridiculous time in the morning given the number of steps involved. Does it look great :). 

Friday was interesting. I helped dogsit 10 dogs (I think). They're such funny little things. A lot of legs and ears and teeth. Then I hit the gym. Why not.

Last night we were at a friends for 'boozy tapas'. Boozy yes. I'm such a horrific lightweight, two ciders takes me from tipsy to chatty, so I was fairly unnecessary. That morning I'd been for another kayaking session in a slightly more tippy boat. Absolutely-bloody-terrifying. 

That's okay though, because afterwards we took this little chap for a run around the woods. He had a lot of fun. I need to work on my bike skillz. 

Things packed I did not need for my holiday:
- A woolly hat
- Coriander
- a charger. I'm not sure what it's meant to be charging, but it currently is not.
- two DVD's. I won't bore you with my film choices. 

I was drunk when packing, it was great. It concerns me however, that I don't really remember getting home - only that I was there. [solved my mystery by looking at Whatsapp. What a service].


I'm grateful and thankful and enjoying all the above.

There's a notification on my phone that goes off daily - 'remember the box'.

I definitely forgot the box.


| 2018 | 02 | 02 | another throwback. maybe 4 years |

For any of you who care, we've essentially reached the 5 month mark until the next round of Tough Guy - the toughest obstacle race on the planet. 

The below photograph is me in a state of genuine fatigue, unable to really comprehend the situation other than that I was cold, hungry and felt very tired. I'm close to tears, but everyone is laughing because I put my hat on backwards, and around half an hour later I passed out in the car. Ross wasn't much better - he was escorted away by his parents and given a large amount of red wine. 

Despite all this, I still feel such a great sense of pride and achievement that we made it round. Recently it came up in conversation and amidst claims it was the hardest ever course I have completed I also played down the difficulties we'd faced - the breakdown, ice, hypothermia and panic attacks. As I recounted what we'd had to do, it sounded pretty stupid. Why would you put yourself through that unnecessarily? Well, until you've crossed the line yourself, I can't answer that one I'm afraid. 

that's a genuine 'emergency chocolate time' face. seriously. crack out the smarties. 
Tough Guy essentially represents everything that scares me. Cold, water and heights are something I need to work on.

Which is why recently I've been attempting to become more comfortable with the river Thames ... through marathon kayaking, obviously. Fun though. It will come in handy one day. Life skillz. 

This is cool. okay?
I'm loving being constantly busy. On edge. I literally haven't had a proper chance to sit down and fill in my sticker book. Peppa Pig don't ya know. 

Running really fast. I don't know what drives me. I don't know what keeps me going through the pain and stress of pushing beyond a comfortable level. I do know however, how good chicken tastes when you've just worked out, and my god, it tastes good. 

I'm going on holiday next week and I've already packed my running gear. Yes. I will be running.


| 2018 | 02 | 01 | january empties review |

I can honestly say that I won't be repurchasing any of this...well except my seeing devices. Go my eyes. 


Garnier | Pure Active Micellar Water Oily Skin | 400ml [£4.99, Boots]
I love this make-up remover. It really does the job and doesn't completely dry my skin out. However. Yep the plastic thing. I can't overlook that anymore. 

Emma Hardie | Age Support Radiance Face Mask | 75ml [£36, Spack NK]
For the price I paid for the mask, I am horrified what it did. Moisturise? No. It left me with dry patches and just wasn't all that great. 

Bourjois | 123 Perfect Colour Correcting | [£9.99, Boots]
I love this. I miss this. I wish I could buy this again. If you don't care about plastics buy it. However.... if you do then stare wistfully at it in your local shop. 

Indeed Labs | Hydraluron Moisture Booster Face Serum | 30ml [£24.99, Boots]
DECIEM | Booster Low Molecular HA | [£18,.00, Deciem]

Natures Ingredients | Coconut Shower Gel | 250ml [£2.00, Marks and Spencer]
I think I've said this before, but shower gel is shower gel. It cleans your body and smells okay, but in reality there is  no reason to splurge on something you wash down the drain.

The Body Shop | Hemp Hand Protector | 30ml [£5.00, The Body Shop]

Nuxe | Reve de Miel Nourishing Lip Balm | 15g [£10.00, Marks and Spencer] treat yourself. (well i don't completely endorse the plastic lid thing but it's an incredible product).

Wideye | Rehab Day Hand Cream | 50ml [£4.95, Wideye]
This was a lovely christmas present from my aunt and I have since re-purposed the pot to store my used safety razors. As a general rule this brand has a great ethos behind it and preferable to some of the more 'high-street' options.

Superdrug | Cocoa and Vanilla Body Scrub | 200ml [£4.99, Superdrug]

Paul Mitchell | Dry Wash | 50ml [£10.75, Look Fantastic]
Firstly can we go over that I spend 11 pounds on 50ml of dry shampoo. Allow me to introduce you to corn starch. You are so welcome. 

Badedas | Shower Gel 200ml | [£2.29, Superdrug]
The smell of this shower gel reminds me of my nan. I have no idea why but it's weirdly nostalgic. But, unfortunately plastic. Getting there.

H&M | Perfume Roll on - Intuition | [£6.99, H&M]
I'm quite disappointed in my self here. This was one of those 'oh look how cheap that is, better buy it' - and as expected it was gross.

H&M | Perfume Roll on - Revelation | [£6.99, H&M]
I'm quite disappointed in my self here. This was one of those 'oh look how cheap that is, better buy it' - and as expected it was gross.

Balance Me | Lip Balm | [£5, Boots]
another lip balm, this one is tinted, tasted nice and actually added moisture. however i'm gonna say the p word again and ruin all our days. yup. we can't use this. 

Head & Shoulders | Classic Clean Shampoo | 1000ml [£7.00, Amazon]
I purchased this in response to someone thinking that going brunette was a good idea. Doh. I was using this, mixed with baking soda to create a hair mask and leave it on for an hour or so. What a terrible thing to do to my hair. I'm so sorry. 

Bleach London | Reincarnation Mask | 200ml [£6.49, Superdrug]
This is my absolute favourite conditioning mask. It smells so nice, and actually conditions bleached hair. I needed it in response to the mask. 

Acuvue |1 Day Astigmatism | 1 month supply [£43.00, Boots]
Why am I blind? I've actually switched over to a bi-weekly option which means they're cheaper and make less rubbish. Yes!


Well. As I'm still working my way through my collection, I'm shocked by how long things actually last and how we're encouraged to buy new things.


| 2018 | 02 | 01 | today |

All it takes is a flash,

a cheeky hand.

or even just a little finger.

We're all quite easily pleased.

And detest those that forget their manners.