| 2018 | 01 | 30 | harknado |

we were 20. 

such a long time ago. 

Sometimes you just want to sit back and watch something unchallenging. My two friends Mike and Alec brought to the table Sharknado - described by wikipedia as a 'made for television disaster movie about a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean'. I'm sorry.

one of the characters. he made a huge impression 

they sure couldn't wait!

Closing remarks (to begin.)

Mike 'pioneering film genre, I can just sit back and watch this. Ferretquake would be a top sequel'

Alec 'Roller coaster ride of emotion - dangerous director for a radical film'

Myself 'Sharks will come back in fashion, this felt like an american economy metaphor. '

during film top points.
As always, I took notes during the film.
My general reaction was 'WHAT IS GOING ON I DON'T EVEN'

'how a shark got in a house when the car outside is dry?'
'where did they all come from?'
struggling with the general theme
Top quote 'looks like its that time of the month' - when a shark lies dead in the water.
'why are the sharks so angry?'
'How are they so accurate?'

'How are they driving through a shark infested water?'

'How did one singular school bus get stranded?'

The Hollywood bit. Oh god.

'His climbing gear - who carries that around in a tornado? the water levels constantly change'

'My mum always told me hollywood would kill me'
Car exploding. IT JUST WOULDN'T

This film just got strange. 

Helicopter in storms, drop bombs in to 'equalise the storm' moral choices.
Angsty daughter needs the attention so we have dialogue. 

Novas shark story. Raised by grandparents, fishing trip, went wrong, sharks swarmed and killed everyone. 2 days floating = she really hates sharks.

Flying into storm - not windy

General concept

They exploded a tornado.

How is it breathing, can tornadoes form that close together. was it possible?

Overall this film left us perplexed and stressed. 

to conclude.
It was horrifically thrilling and unrealistic. I don't know if I will watch it again, but it definitely provided a story to tell friends.

If you are short on exciting stories maybe you could pretend this happened to you?

If you are short on friends it won't fill that gap.

faces  to conclude - i was sitting on the floor.