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When I was training for my ultra marathon, I ran with a man who was very into the one percent. 

It's the idea that everyone, every single person has that last something to give.

Think back to something that you found really difficult (it doesn't have to be sports related). At the time, it seemed impossible... but you're still here aren't you?

No matter how depleted you are, you can always find something more, and sometimes because it's so small it makes the greatest of differences.

We were running and I started to slow down, my legs were tiring and everything was a touch achey.
He placed his hand firmly on my back and said 'no'.

When you can't run you crawl, and when you can't crawl you get up and you run again.

It's the idea that everyone is stronger than they realise.

And sometimes big decisions are the toughest thing you've got to get through.