| 2018 | 01 | 26 | work was slow |


It makes me sad you can only use egg puns at Easter. 

I've got a few which might make you CRACK up.

Only yolking.

I'm not egg-sactly amusing.

I might whisk it though.

And attempt to continue to throw down some egg-ceptional jokes.

You'd best not start eggnoring me if I run out. 

I'm really scrambling my brain here. 

Okay I'm out. That was egg-hausting.

Though this is really helping me come out of my shell.

But this is the eggsact reason I shouldn't be allowed out.

My brain is too fried to continue.

Don't poach these puns though.

I would be egg-stremely upset

I'd go as far as to say, I'm a comedihen

Feel free to eggpress your appreciation anytime.

We should hatch a plan.