| 2018 | 01 | 25 | training camp. 2017 |

my paddle skimmed lazily across the surface of the water, sending droplets up into the air - my own personal rainbow.

I sighed, an exhale of breath rather than a sign of discontent, and reached sideways for the landing pontoon, counteracting the lean of my boat. I stepped out without second thought and located my flip flops, strewn alongside a multitude of others.

The sun was hot, and on my back. Turning to face it, I searched for the other group across the water, my sunglasses doing little to help with the glare. Shrugging - for they were nowhere to be seen - I did what anyone else would do and flopped to the ground, catching my paddles as they threatened to roll into the water.

Minutes passed.

My breathing had slowed right down from the session and I was quietly humming to myself, absentmindedly picking at the racing stripes that had loyally stayed with Eddie, my old, but well loved K1.

Sitting with my feet resting gently on my seat, I realised for the first time that I had nowhere urgent to be.

It was okay to just be.

In that moment. In the present.

I was happy.

I was a whole person.

Not just parts of everyone else that kept me together.

I was smiling to myself as the rest of the group returned, their faces sun kissed and excited.