| 2018 | 01 | 18 | a day in the life |

0702:: I completely overslept my alarm. As in, by just over an hour - so the run was out of the window.

I'm trying quite hard to reduce my sugar intake so my coffee was less fun that usual...

I'm using up a tin of instant coffee before moving permanently over to my drip coffee maker and caramel toned coffee grounds.

Wow I sound fun. 

Had to move all the plants from my room into a sunnier one too. They're all in 'hospital' as I've dubbed it and this is their treatment. 

0810:: I meditated today. It's a monday, I need to focus. I also have yoga later so have to at least try to practice being 'present'. Go me for not achieving that.

0824:: Breakfast is another use-up - we have so much cereal in our cupboard so I'm on a one woman mission to mix it all up and get rid of it. But I'm also anaemic so trying to get as much iron in as possible. chia chia chia. and cacoa nibs. If you haven't discovered the delight that is these little chocolately bitter chunks then get shopping. 

0840:: actually getting dressed. this was intentionally late. I'm trying to give my skin a break during the week and moisturise more, cover-up less but it's a bad habit I'm not very good at breaking. so the answer? run out of time!

0904:: walked through the doors of work and headed straight for the coffee. was joined by another caffeine fuelled colleague and we contemplated going back to bed. sorry. not really an option. 

1000:: coffee down and I'm starting to eye up the next. This is not a good start to the day. 

12.24:: lunch. I walk home at a fairly brisk pace (reflective of the hunger level) and jump in the fridge. Look at that for imagery. 

I use my lunch breaks to do admin tasks I've neglected. I'm still not very good at them. 

Flights cancelled. 

1324:: back in school to crack on with more social media. work. 

1700:: I leave promptly, ready to run home and get changed to get to yoga on time. It's my favourite time of the week. 

1800:: bliss for an hour. no worrying, no stress, just stretches. 

1900:: head home for dinner. leftovers. I'll be writing about my take on consuming meat at somepoint. but just for reference I only purchase vegan foods. 

2000:: I have so many projects and writing tasks to complete that I really need to concentrate on them rather than simply add to the to do list. 

2100:: my evening routine has changed this week. I'm on a digital detox and have muted my phone. 

2200:: I am in bed. Here. Writing this final sentence before lights out. What a success.