| 2018 | 01 | 17 | monday feels |

things i said once and will say again

'rock bottom is where heroes are made' - my nan when I dropped smarties everywhere. 

my ultramarathon prep is good. I ran last week and just ate a banana. 

i just panicked, threw a glass at the biggest spider i've ever seen and now i'm hiding downstairs. 

there's a reason i'm not very good at running. *points at jeans which have been turned up 5 times*

after seeing an ad about how baby wipes were 'perfect for clumsy children' my dad has now added some to the shopping list

wanna hear something fun? not talking to me. that's fun

i'm no hero - when I run my soul leaves my body, much like everyone else's

jerry ripping the aux cable out of my speakers and throwing it out of the window is a surefire way to gauge he's not impressed

siri has bad attitude. make me a coffee is a perfectly good request. 

today would be the best day for a donation of 5 million. I accept most currencies, and smarties. 5 million smarties.

amusement level - on par with that time I ran into a glass door.