| 2018 | 01 | 03 | misc. morning |

Woke up at the break of day when the sun was still asleep.

I had a coffee and watched the light start to stroke the clouds before I went for a careful run to the river.

Was late for breakfast, ate a bagel and pondered.
I’m still not sure I like bananas.

Sat with my legs draped on the wrong side of a chair.

Lost my keys.
Found them again. Things turn up when you need them. No use stressing over it.

Reminisced the weekend. Smiled to self and was asked why.

Can’t say.

- - -

I love telling stories, but sometimes I have a lot of trouble getting people to believe me. 

I honestly live a cartoon life. 

I'm sorry. 

Are you allowed to yell at sloths?

Everything is either amazing or absolutely the worst thing ever. I am never lukewarm. 

I'll either stay up for three days straight, or go to bed at 7pm. 

2017 - the big year of whatever. 2018. The year of what.ever.

I went into 2017 thinking it was going to be a big turning point which was my first mistake. The pressure was on, and everything performed subpar. 

I consider a lukewarm year worse than a bad one. How do you recover from 'just'. I know how to move from one extreme to the other and bounce back again. It's how I exist. I don't know how to slide from a nothing into a something.

That's why 2018 is just going to be just one long shrug. No worries. Hakuna Matata. no trouble. Just. a year of being.