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who are you?


no. that is just a noise people make to refer to you. you are not your name.

who are you?

I'm from marlow. I have a brother and sister. 

no. these are the things that happen to your body.

who are you?


sorry to anyone who knows where that was bastardised from. 

But when you start to look at it from that perspective, the you that is you is not what has happened to you - it is the character inside, then it becomes clear we have a long way to go. 



called sophie, am marlow and is girl.

when I think of who i am as a human being in this world, when i contemplate my place and my purpose, and when i define my own identity - never do I begin with that. 
These things do not dictate my love for the outdoors or my passion to write. Being a girl is not the reason I followed this path, nor is the fact my name has two syllables rather than three.

So why do these things matter?

Why do they define so much?

Why does society force us to categorise ourselves based on our physical self, and any other sub-classifications get grouped under 'queer'.  

We are constantly asked our age, our gender, our height, our weight, our birth date - all these markers are used to somehow predict our behaviour and decision making. 

By labelling with our born identity we are grouped with people we may not share anything with. 

I can guarantee you that my ideas, thoughts and opinions are not identical to anyone from round here. 

I'm tired of being told to represent my femininity. 

I am not girl. I am me. I am a 'you'. 

I'm weird.