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God damn I'm taking Roy off grid... but I might just play /r/Outside. Could you imagine trying to write the walkthrough though?

- Pay super attention in the early stages. School levels are important, whilst a touch tedious.
- The cheats to unlock FREEFOOD and RENT aren't worth the hassle, game glitches will leave you stuck in detention for many year.


When is the last time you'll ever say goodbye to someone? Like the last time you'll ever bid them farewell? You won't know it at the time, everyone always thinks there will be another.


Today marks the day we should all start panicking. Christmas is super soon. 

Also I'm learning it is possible to communicate temperature in a number of ways. Take for instance...

'was it cold in Portugal?'

'No, it was definitely one thermal, two at most'

I am so ready for a doggie. Called steve.

So I have no photos from the morning's paddle - here's one of general splashing. We did 1 min on 1 min off x5 x4, then 30 on 30 off x 5 x2. It was really tough but I can feel myself getting stronger. Still slow, but less slow. 

Post paddle was Christmas football. You'll see below the standard warm up routine...

It was still so foggy it felt like being rained on.